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Installation Office 2013

Installation Office 2013

The first thing you must do, obviously, is to buy the program you want to install.
Buy Office 2013

If you don't know how to order this product, please follow this guide.

Once you have purchased your product, you can proceed to the next step.

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  • A zip file instead of a direct download to the exe file is misleading, and apparently not everyone will have a successful installation. I will try mine later this morning.

    Brad Neff
  • Key did not work on my office 2013 Pro. Message is not a valid key for this version of
    Office 2013 Pro. So your key works on some but not on all, i am thinking.; Need working bad.

    Mike Davis
  • Sorry, we can’t find this product key in our database.

    If your product key is for Office 2010, Office 2007, or Office for Mac 2011, you can redeem your product key and download Office here.

    If your product key is for Office 365 for Business, redeem it here.

    Error code: TOKEN_NOT_FOUND
    Correlation ID: 87da4de2-fa98-4af3-8cab-c59647ded4b3

  • I need to activate my office but its telling me that my email address is incorrect and I need to use another email address.

  • Your instructions resulted in the installation of the 32-bit version on my 64-bit machine. I had to go into the x64 folder and run the setup file in that folder to get it to work correctly.

    Mark Hersh

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